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Know More About KFC : Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known by its contraption KFC is a fast food sales firm that has made its presence in over 100 countries in the world and is the fourth largest restaurant chain by locations, globally. The restaurant serves lip-smacking fried chicken made with Colonel Sander’s top-secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, alongside beverages such as the my kfc experience, desserts including the sinful streetwise spoonful, chicken waffles and an ever-expanding menu.

Who founded KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chicken began as ‘Sanders Court and Café’ about 88 years ago in North Corbin, Kentucky on March 20, founded by entrepreneur Harland Sanders during the period of the Great Depression. Branding himself as ‘Colonel Sanders’, Kentucky Fried Chicken till date features Harland Sanders as their logo and mascot over KFC restaurants worldwide. Since 1930, the Louisville-based fast food firm has expanded to over 18,000 restaurants, making its presence felt in over 118 countries, and still counting.

KFC Today

Louisville-based fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken arrived at Tamala, Ghana under the administration of Masco Foods (Who own the franchise of KFC Ghana). Mr. Ashok Mohinani, Executive Director of Mohinani Group who own Masco Foods said they sought to not only generate employment opportunities with the introduction of KFC in the region of Tamala but also to augment the proficiency of available employees to international standards. The inauguration and ribbon cutting were done in the presence of Shiek Abdul Salam Ahmed, Northern Regional Chief Imam and other dignitaries who graced the occasion.

KFC and its Popularity in India

Kentucky Fried Chicken by Yum Brands Inc. reported a 25% growth in overall system sales just as the third quarter ended on September 30, 2018; making this the ninth quarter in a row that projected positive sales growth in India for the Louisville-based fast food chain. The Yum Brands owned fast food restaurant chain also has plans to open additional units in 2019. Kentucky Fried Chicken has seen an increased demand from youngsters and college students across the country and adults alike, and this trend for increased demand for chicken from the fast food vendor is projected to increase in the coming quarters in 2019.

Among the Select-Few to Accept Cryptocurrencies: KFC

Louisville-based fast food vendor Kenetucky Fried Chicken is now accepting payments made in their favour through cryptocurrencies such as the Dash, alongside multiple other fast food chains including Subway and Papa John’s Pizza in South American nation Venezuela. Reports say that the fast-food chicken firm will roll the program out in Caracas, Venezuela and eventually expand to 24 destinations across the country.